Core Web Vitals used by AZ

Hello experts - I am trying to optimize and benchmark my website. I use the Google Core Web Vitals for measuring the web health performance currently. However, I wanted to understand what best-in-class looks like - Amazon, Uber, eBay - what metrics do they use apart from Google CWV and any tools that can be used further? Looking to benchmark against the best ecommerce orgs.

Any pointers will be very helpful.

This isn’t a subject that has a quick answer but here are some pointers:

Different teams have different metrics that better suit their applications but Google’s CWV are the industry standard. TTFB is also important as it usually directly impacts the performance of a site. Not to say that a low TTFB means you have a performant site as you can have a low TTFB and a high LCP but the opposite is pretty much impossible.

How you measure CWV is important as well. Ideally you’d want to measure actual your users’ experiences rather than only synthetic tests. If not possible or not granular enough, you can use synthetic tests where you emulate actual user flows. E.g. don’t run only first load tests on pages but add page transitions to emulate an actual user browsing your application.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, this is helpful as starters. Does AZ use proprietary tools or any publicly available ones? Knowing any other metrics used by AZ would also be helpful.

I’m curious to know what additional metrics and tools are used by top-performing websites like Amazon, Uber, and eBay. While Core Web Vitals offer valuable insights, I believe there might be other crucial metrics and tools like gb whatsapp new that industry leaders rely on to ensure an outstanding user experience.