Edgio Sites - Deploy failure - Lambda creation failed with ResourceNotReady error code

Hi gysu

From time to time we have this error when trying to deploy to Edgio Sites.
Usually when you retry the deployment /and/or wait couple of minutes the deployment will pass.

This is happening fairly randomly.

2024-04-18T21:44:58Z - info - > Deployment created
2024-04-18T21:44:58Z - info - Waiting for build package to be uploaded...
2024-04-18T21:45:04Z - info - > Deploying serverless functions and static assets
2024-04-18T21:45:56Z - error - Error: Serverless deployment failed with error: Lambda creation failed with ResourceNotReady error code
2024-04-18T21:45:56Z - info - Build deployment failed.



Hey Petr,

I have raised this with our engineering team to investigate. Thank you for the report!