New Nuxt app not running on the XDN, works locally

Creating a new Nuxt app:

The app runs fine locally, but when deployed on the XDN it throws:

Nuxt Internal Server Error

This shows in the server log output:

 ERROR  inject('content', value) has no value provided
  at inject (.nuxt/index.js:139:0)
  at plugin_server (.nuxt/content/plugin.server.js:9:0)
  at createApp (.nuxt/index.js:189:0)
  at async module.exports.__webpack_exports__.default (.nuxt/server.js:82:0)

What could cause this?

Removing @nuxt/content from the modules resolves this.


We do have sample content in the /content directory. Does the XDN support @nuxt/content?

Have you tried moving it to buildModules as described in ?