Overview "Preview not available" (Paginating through 20 large, empty boxes is not helpful)

When we view the Edgio “Overview” page, there are lots of empty largish boxes. Some are all white and others display a message indicating “Preview not available”. What information is supposed to be displayed in these squares? We also see an empty white rectangular box at the top of all property detail pages tool.

Is this supposed to display a graph dedicated to “Overall Cache Hit Rate”? Are there any options to determine what data is displayed here? Are there any plans to display a sortable/filterable table with all properties? (This would be more beneficial than manually paginating through pages of 20 properties that display large empty boxes.)

The tiles should provide a screenshot of the site after deployment. Here’s an example of 3 different states of the preview:

Admittedly, there was an issue recently where deployment previews were failing and based on the time your deployments, they were recent enough to likely be affected by this.

Once a deployment completes on any environment, a screenshot of latest deployment’s permalink (not the edge link) will display on the overview for that property. If the site has an error or the process that takes the screenshot fails for whatever reason, that state will remain the image until the next deployment occurs.

Currently there’s just filtering by the property name and limited sorting options. I’m not aware of any plans to change this view. I personally find it too busy and would rather see a compact table like you are suggesting w/o the screenshot.

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Hmm… Do you have any details regarding the IP address and/or user-agent used to take screenshots? It’s entirely possible that our internal framework could be blocking the request.

If a screenshot has failed or displays nothing (white square), could there be a function added to “re-perform screenshot”? I’d prefer this over being required to redeploy for the sole purpose of potentially regenerating a screenshot.

Or could website screenshots be manually uploaded?

I believe that our previous cloud-WAF provider only fetched website favicons and then displayed them when filtering results in a drop-down while searching for the hostname. (The current behavior on Edgio is to dynamically update the 20 results already displayed on the page.)

NOTE: I’m able to use a browser extension (like Stylus) to override the CSS, but this approach is not practical if the CSS classes are dynamically generated and/or change in the future.

I used this CSS to collapse all of the large white squares on the UI. I can now see all 20 properties on a single page without having to scroll.

.jss1970  {display:none !important;}