What are some ways that I can unleash the performance improvements of the Moovweb XDN?

  • limit chunking (keep it to 4-5 chunks - e.g. main, commons, app, page-specific)
  • Check that preloading is set up correctly/for appropriate items.
  • Lazy load content below the fold - look at the Network stats and lazy load everything that is not showing up as served by the SW currently plus images above the fold.
  • Are we deferring analytics? (and other 3rd parties that are not necessary, e.g. - reCaptcha can drag not just JS, but CSS, fonts, etc.)
  • Optimize images/use better formats (e.g. webp, when supported). Don’t go straight to S3 with no caching on the edge and pull an unoptimized image. use some optimization with Imgix
  • Webfonts - we need to make sure that we still have the text visible while they are loading and as close to the final state as possible to avoid a penalty in CLS/LCP. Subtle things like shadows could have an impact on LH6 score.
  • Drop unused JS/CSS (e.g. jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. - are we really using those? If yes, let’s, at least, lazyload it).

Please check description above