Shopware-PWA project errors with Layer0

One of our prospects is trying to run Shopware-PWA project which is built on top of Vue Storefront.
Following the instructions on our docs for Vue Storefront results in a successful build. But when you try to run the project via yarn 0 run --production and open the website locally, it results in the following internal server error.

 ERROR  vue_demi_lib.Vue2.use is not a function                                                                                                                                                                               12:03:21

  at Module.<anonymous> (.nuxt/api-client.js:13:0)
  at __webpack_require__ (webpack/bootstrap:25:0)
  at Object.<anonymous> (server.js:35892:18)
  at __webpack_require__ (webpack/bootstrap:25:0)
  at server.js:118:18
  at Object.<anonymous> (server.js:121:10)
  at o (node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
  at node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
  at new Promise (<anonymous>)
  at node_modules/vue-server-renderer/

This appears to be an issue with either Shopware-PWA and how it handles the vue-demi external dependency when doing a standalone Nuxt build. I was able to reproduce the issue outside of Layer0 and have created a bug report here: [Bug] Issue with external dependencies when doing a standalone build · Issue #1875 · vuestorefront/shopware-pwa · GitHub

Thank you @tristan.lee for sharing a stopgap internally. The following seems to be working for shopware-pwa:

  1. Create a new directory and cd into that directory: mkdir shopware-pwa-project; cd shopware-pwa-project
  2. yarn add --dev @layer0/cli
  3. yarn 0 init
  4. yarn 0 use 4.13.13-next-1653508564-898c9e71a.0
  5. yarn remove @shopware-pwa/nuxt-module
  6. yarn add @shopware-pwa/nuxt-module
  7. yarn layer0:build