Using custom srcDir and buildModules in nuxt.config

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to deploy my SSR nuxt app and wasn’t able to get the service worker working.
So, I thought the issue is that I haven’t added ‘@layer0/nuxt/module’ to buildModules.
The problem is, that when I add it, I get an exception:

 ERROR  Plugin not found: <root_dir>\src\node_modules\@layer0\devtools\widget\install.js

I set my srcDir in nuxt.config.js to ‘src/’ and I think that is why something broke here.
Obviously, my node_modules aren’t inside the ‘src’ folder.
The file is there, but in <root_dir>\node_modules@layer0\devtools\widget\install.js

Do I have to set something in the layer0.config or any other place?

Thanks for your help!

I modified line 26 in node_modules/@layer0/nuxt/module.js to the following:

const devtoolsWidgetInstallScript = path_1.join(__dirname, 'node_modules', '@layer0', 'devtools', 'widget', 'install.js');

Now it seems to work.

@ichbinstudent thanks for finding this and reporting the fix. we will review and fix our connector. this is logged as XDN-11181

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